Dear Project Promoter,
welcome to the platform for uploading the Interim Reports. On the following pages you will be asked few basic questions about your project, the current reporting period and some of plans for the near future. Finally you will be requested to upload the reporting documents including:

  • Scan of signed narrative interim report based on the Interim Report Template.
  • Scan of signed financial report based on the Financial Report Template.
  • Excel file of the financial report based on the Financial Report Template.
  • Audit report
  • Bank statement
  • Other documents, such as power of attorney, invoices, time-sheets (if applicable).

Please make sure that all project modifications as described in the point 7 of the Standard Terms and Conditions have been approved by Innovation Norway prior to submitting this report. All data provided must be consistent with the project documents, including but not limited to the Detailed Activity Budget, Disbursement Plan and Project Implementation Plan.